Turbidity Analyzer

Online Turbidity Analyzer/ Tester/ Controler

Model No: TBD-99

APPLICATIONS: Waterworks, industrial processes, sewage treatment, surface water, electricity, beverages, wine & pharmaceutical industries etc

PRINCIPLE: Standard 90 degree scattered light measurement technique

Products Categories


  1. Flow/Immersion sensor type
  2. Accurate measurement
  3. Easy to operate & maintain
  4. Stable performance

Product Description

The product adopts the principle of scattering light in the direction of 90℃, and quantitatively measure the content of suspended particulate matter and the turbidity of water.

Turbidity Analyzer 02

Sensor Specification

Parameter Flow type Immersion type
Measurement range 0~20;0~200;0~2000NTU 0~100~1000~4000NTU
Accuracy ±2%FS <3%
Response time 1s (can be adjusted) 1s (can be adjusted)
Operating temperature 0~50℃ 0~50℃
Operating pressure 0.05~0.2Mpa ≤1bar
Shell material PC POM/316L
Sensor Size 340*280*160mm 33*161mm

Transmitter Specification

Turbidity Transmitter Specification

Analog output 4~20mA
Digital output MODBUS/RS485
Output relay Optional 2-way alarm relay (250VAC, 10A)
Power supply 220VAC,50 Hz; 24VDC±10%
Protection IP65
Installation Wall-mounted
Size 234/185/118mm, L/W/H

Turbidity Analyzer 03

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