Low Range Flow Through Type Turbidimeter

Model No: TBD-99L


  • Water Treatment Plants: Monitoring turbidity in pre-filtration, post-filtration, sedimentation, and final water output.
  • Distribution Networks, Industrial Processes, and Recirculating Cooling Water.
  • Industrial Processes: Recirculation systems, circulating water, etc., as well as monitoring the effluent from activated carbon filters and membrane filtration.
  • Sewage treatment plant discharge outlets, reservoirs, wells, and clearwater tanks.
  • Power generation, purified water, beverages, winemaking, and pharmaceuticals.

PRINCIPLE: Standard 90 degree scattered light measurement technique

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Low Range Turbidimeter, flow through type Turbidity analyzer

The product utilizes the principle of scattered light measurement in the 90° direction. The sensor’s light source emits a 660nm laser (or white light, infrared light), which encounters suspended particles in the sample, resulting in scattered light. The photodetector of the sensor, immersed in the water sample, detects the scattered light at a 90° angle to the incident beam.

Product Features

  • Utilizes long-life and high-brightness LEDs with a wide spectral range, providing a low measurement limit.
  • The light source has a long lifespan, high intensity, good monochromaticity, good coherence, and good directionality, allowing for the detection of extremely low turbidity changes (laser type).
  • Built-in light source compensation measurement circuit effectively compensates for the intensity attenuation of the light source.
  • Equipped with a 240×160 graphic dot matrix LCD display with LED backlight, allowing for operation even under direct sunlight.
  • Optional Modbus RTU protocol RS485 communication interface and 4-20mA analog signal output.
  • Optional dual alarm signal output.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range 0-100 NTU
Resolution 0.001 NTU (0-2 NTU),

0.01 NTU (0-20 NTU),

0.1 NTU (0-100 NTU)

Accuracy ≤ ±2% or ±0.015 NTU (whichever is greater)
Repeatability ±1.0%
Analog Output 1xchannel 4-20mA current output, loop load 500Ω
Digital Communication RS485 standard Modbus communication protocol
Relay Output 2 channels relay output, 250V AC/10A
Transmitter Ambient temperature -10-55℃,

humidity 5%-90% (non-condensing)

Sampling Flow Rate 50-300 mL/min
Water Sample Temperature 0-50℃, non-freezing
Inlet Pressure ≤ 0.5 MPa
Protection Level Polycarbonate enclosure, IP65
Power Supply 220VAC, 50 Hz; 24VDC±10% (optional)
Installation Method Wall-mounted
Dimensions 290x192x160mm


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