Shandong Dongrun Instrument Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Environmental Water Analyzers, Level Gauges China Manufacturer

Shandong Dongrun Instrument Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research, production and sale of environmental water analyzers, level gauges, development of computer LoT networking applications software and design. 



Magnetic Level Gauge 01

Level Gauges

Digital pH-conductivity Sensor 01

Digital Water Quality Sensor

Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer 01

Multi Parameter Water Quality Monitoring System

Conductivity TDS Analyzer 01


Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer 01

Dissolved Oxygen

Turbidity Analyzer 01


Chlorine Analyzer 01

Residual Chlorine

Acid Alkali Salt Concentration Analyzer 01

Acid Alkaline Salt Concentration

Multi parameter water analyzer Portable 01

Other Instruments


Dongrun has always attached great importance to technological innovation, with more than 40% of its workforce being high and mid-level technical talents.

The annual average research and development investment exceeds 15% of the sales revenue.

Our company has established multiple professional research laboratories in optics, electronics, physics, chemistry, and the environment.

We have strategically cooperated with renowned institutions both domestically and internationally, including the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The establishment of a dedicated research and development center for information software, sensors, and analytical instruments has addressed technological gaps in the domestic market and replaced some imported products.

We have CE certificates, SIL Certificates as well as ISO Management System Certifications and we have more than 70 national patents and software copyrights.

Application Field

For over 25 years, Dongrun water quality analysis / liquid level measurement solutions have been widely used in municipal、industrial and other industries.
We strive to provide the appropriate products & solutions,valid technical & commercial support to solve your specific needs.

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