Integrated multi-parameter sensor


Max 6 sensors can be equiped. They are digital, with strong anti-interference capabilities, and can transmit over long distances.

APPLICATIONS:Surface water detection, river and lake water, sewage in pipelines, freshwater aquaculture.


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Product Features:

  • Up to 6 sensors can be installed.
  • The sensors are digital, with strong anti-interference capabilities and long transmission distance.
  • Direct immersion measurement without the need for sampling and pre-processing.
  • Digital automatic cleaning brush for plug-and-play functionality.
  • All electrodes can be replaced by the user on-site, facilitating maintenance.
  • Low operating costs, no reagents, no pollution, a truly environmentally friendly product.
  • Calibration and configuration information are stored in independent sensors, allowing for convenient maintenance of calibration.
  • Universal platform with a unified interface, supporting plug-and-play functionality for any Dongrun sensor.
  • Protection against reverse polarity of sensor power supply.
  • Each sensor compartment is designed separately, so that a leakage or failure in one sensor does not affect the operation of others, and all compartments have internal humidity detection alarm function.
  • Support for active and passive low power modes.

Technical Specifications:

Interface  Waterproof connector, supports RS485, Modbus RTU protocol.
Operating temperature range  0 to 45°C.
Storage temperature range  -10 to 50°C.
Power supply  12 to 24V DC.
Power consumption  20 to 120mA at 12V (varies depending on the type and number of attached sub-sensors),

< 3mA at 12V (low power mode).

Sensor leakage alarm  Supported.
Automatic cleaning  Available (optional).
Submersible depth  IP68, < 10 meters.
Materials  316 stainless steel and POM.
Dimensions  Outer diameter 106mm, length 376mm.
Allowable flow velocity  < 3 m/s.
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