Online Free Chlorine analyzer (Constant voltage method)

Model No: DRXD-001

APPLICATIONS:Residual chlorine (hypochlorous acid)/chlorine dioxide/ozone, pH, temperature can be measured at the same time, widely used in tap water, secondary water supply, swimming pool, sewage disinfection, reverse osmosis treatment and other industries.

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The DRXD-001 Online Free Chlorine analyzer (Constant voltage method) consists of a flow pool (embedded electrode module), a constant current system and a transmitter. The above components are jointly installed on the ABS panel, with a high degree of intelligence and flexibility, easy to install and integrate.


Technical specification


Measurement method constant voltage three electrode measurement, with temperature, pH compensation
Measuring range & accuracy

(Residual chlorine)


0-1mg/L (±0.02mg /L or ±5% MAX),
1-3mg/L (±0.05mg /L or ±5%FS),
3-5mg/L (±0.2mg /L or ±5%FS), .
Compensation range temperature 0 ~ 40℃ pH 6.0 ~ 8.5
Response time < 1min, T90
Circulation pool material organic glass
Working pressure 0.15 ~ 3bar
Allowable flow rate 0.5 ~ 2L/min
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 50℃
Water sample temperature 5 ~ 45℃
Cleaning function unique electrochemical + mechanical automatic cleaning


Resolution 0.01mg/L
Analog output Optional 2 channels 4 ~ 20mA, loop load 500Ω
Digital output one RS485 Modbus communication protocol for optional
Control output Optional 2-way alarm relay and 1-way cleaning relay (250VAC\10A)
Display 240×160 graphic lattice backlight liquid crystal, with LED
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 55℃
Relative humidity 5% ~ 90%, no condensation
Protection level IP65
Shell material Polycarbonate (PC)
Power supply 220VAC, 50Hz, 20W Standard,24VDC±10%, 20W is optional
Installation mode wall-hanging installation
Size 234/185/118mm, L/W/H
Weight 1.5kg


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