Online TOC analyzer

Online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer

Model No:TOC-5000

Measurement Principle: The analyzer utilizes the wet oxidation NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) detection principle. In this method, the water sample is acidified to remove inorganic carbon. Then, the organic carbon present in the water sample is oxidized into carbon dioxide (CO2) through the action of an oxidant and UV light. The concentration of CO2 is measured using an infrared detector, from which the total organic carbon (TOC) concentration in the water sample can be calculated.

Products Categories


  1. Industrial Sector: Leak detection in circulating water, groundwater pollution detection, spill detection in accident water tanks, rainwater pond water quality detection, steam condensate leakage detection, production water detection, sewage discharge detection, etc.
  2. Surface water, groundwater, drinking water detection, raw water detection in water sources, official system pollution detection.
  3. Sewage raw water and discharge water detection.
  4. Boiler raw water, feedwater detection, boiler feedwater and condensate water detection.
  5. Municipal recycled water detection, waste heat recovery water detection.

Features of the instrument

  • The controller comes with a built-in gas generation device, eliminating the need for external gas supply. The instrument also has a CO2 removal device, which enhances convenience and reduces operational and maintenance costs.
  • It supports remote monitoring and program upgrades through the Internet and WiFi.
  • The gas supply for carrier gas and purge gas for Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) are completely independent of each other, ensuring stability and avoiding interference.
  • Automatic zero calibration for carrier gas is available. It periodically checks the CO2 concentration in the gas and automatically adjusts the baseline zero, addressing zero drift issues.
  • The program has built-in automatic range switching.
  • It is designed with non-electromagnetic valves and 3.2mm inner diameter tubing to prevent clogging and reduce instrument failure rates when measuring complex water samples.
  • It includes management features for important components and consumables, providing reminders for consumable replacement and regular maintenance of key components.
  • Remote monitoring and program upgrades can be performed through the Internet or WiFi.

Technical specification

Index Name  Performance Specifications
Measurement Range  0~10/50/100/200/500 mg/L (higher ranges achieved through dilution)
Measurement Accuracy  ±2% of full scale (non-diluted)
Repeatability  ±2% of full scale (non-diluted)
Zero Drift  ±2% of full scale
Range Drift  ±2% of full scale (under standard test liquid conditions)
Detection Limit  0.5 mg/L at 25°C (0~10 mg/L range)
Response Time  (T90) <15 minutes
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)  >720 hours per operation
Water Sample Temperature  4 ~ 40°C
Carrier Gas Type  Built-in air purging CO2
Environmental Conditions  Temperature 4 ~ 45°C, Humidity 0 ~ 90% RH
Measurement Mode  Continuous measurement
Analog Output  4 ~ 20mA
Digital Output  Modbus communication protocol, RS485/RS232
Power Requirements  AC220±10%/50Hz/10A, Power Consumption <100W
Enclosure Dimensions  800×300×600mm (W×D×H)

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