Explosion-proof pH/ORP transmitter

Model No: PHD-99S

APPLICATIONS:sewage treatment, wastewater monitoring, water purification testing, acid and base neutralization and chemical reaction and other industrial processes.

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  • Intelligent instrument. Through two buttons calibration and parameter setting, check the performance parameters of the electrode, easy to operate.
  • Backlit LCD displays pH (mV), temperature, and output percentage.
  • 24VDC two-wire system, output 4-20mA corresponding range can be set arbitrarily.
  • Manual/automatic temperature compensation, PT100/PT1000 temperature sensor can be switched on site by setting.
  • Calibration and parameter adjustment, through the key operation; The magnetic bar can be used outside the shell for flameproof occasions, which is safer and more reliable.

Technical specification

Measuring range Ph 0 ~ 14pH, ORP -1999 ~ +1999mV
Instrument resolution 0.01pH(±0.1mV)
Measurement accuracy ±0.02pH (±1.2mV)
Instrument stability ±0.02pH (±1.2mV)
Temperature compensation range -10 ~ 100℃
Analog output 1×4 ~ 20mA, loop load 500Ω,

HART protocol for optional

Ambient temperature -10 ℃ to 55℃
Ambient humidity 5% to 90% without condensation
Protection level IP65
Power supply 24VDC
Transmitter dimensions 160×126×168mm
Weight transmitter 1.6kg, tube mount support 0.7kg
Explosion-proof grade flameproof ExdIICT6Gb

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