UV254 COD Sensor



  • natural water (rivers, water sources, water stations, buoy);
  • Urban sewage treatment, enterprise sewage discharge monitoring (inlet and outlet of sewage treatment plants, monitoring of rainfall diversion of urban underground pipe lines, multi -parameter integration monitoring, etc.);
  • Enterprise internal monitoring and feedback control (breeding water treatment and emissions, high -density aquaculture and other sewage discharge)
  • Fast detection of laboratory.
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  • Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support Modbus.
  • Light path: 254nm, reference light, can effectively eliminate turbidity effects.
  • Adopt advanced cold light source UV LED, with long life and small drift.
  • The probe is directly immersed in measurement without sampling and pre -processing.
  • With automatic cleaning function, it can reduce maintenance.
  • The fastest 10 seconds response (T90).
  • Low operation costs, rarely maintain daily maintenance, cost -effective.
  • No reagent, no pollution.
  • Power supply positive and negative anti -connection protection.
  • RS485 A/B -end error connection protection.

Product Description

The organic matter dissolved in the water body has a specific absorption peak on the ultraviolet wave band. By measured the dissolved organic substances absorb the ultraviolet light of 254nm wavelength, thereby accurately measure the specific content of dissolving organic pollutants in the water.


Test parameters  COD, turbidity, temperature
Measurement principle  attenuation, absorption
Light source  2 LED
Detector  Optical diode
Measurement range  0.15-220mg/L, 0.15-1500mg/L
Straight linearity  ± 5% range
Turbidity  0-200NTU
Temperature compensation  5-40 °C
Response time  <10 s, power-on stability time ≤30s
Path length  2,10mm
Power  6-24VDC
Power consumption  ≤ 0.3W (excluding motor startup), when the motor works 3.1W
Output  RS485 Standard MODBUS protocol
Sample temperature  2-50 °C
Environmental temperature  2-40 °C
Maximum pressure  1 BAR
Protection grade  IP68
Shell material  stainless steel /POM
Size  35 mm in diameter and 215mm in length.
Self-Cleaning  Built -in cleaning brush
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