Tuning Fork Level Switch

Model No: UYCK

APPLICATIONS: Solid materials: fly ash, cement, stone, plastic particles, salt, sugar, etc. Liquid medium: water, acid, alkali, mud, pulp, dye, oil, milk, alcohol, beverage, etc.

PRINCIPLE: Fork Vibration

Products Categories


  1. High sensitivity
  2. Stable and reliable performance
  3. Strong anti-interference ability
  4. Maintenance-free
  5. No adjustment required

Product Description

UYCK series tuning fork level switch, due to its adjustable amplitude, is convenient for measuring materials in different states and densities, and is suitable for fixed-point alarm or control of solid material levels in various silos and liquid levels in various containers.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter
Ambient temperature  -25 ~ 60 ℃
Fork body material Copper alloy or stainless steel
Power supply voltage AC220V 50 / 60HZ; DC24V
Power 1.5W
Output signal Two sets of normally open, normally closed contacts: 0 / 10mA
Contact capacity AC220V 5A
Maximum size of material particles ≤10mm
Working temperature in the container -20 ~ 300 ℃
Tuning fork oscillation frequency about 200Hz
Tuning fork tip amplitude about 0.5mm
Tuning fork delay time: damping delay about 2 S, free delay: about 7 S
Protection level IP65
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