Spectral Nitrate sensor (NO3-N)

Spectral Nitrate-nitrogen sensor (NO3-N)


APPLICATIONS:Applied in areas such as drinking water, surface water, industrial process water, and wastewater treatment, it continuously monitors the concentration of nitrate dissolved in water. It is particularly suitable for monitoring wastewater aeration tanks and controlling the denitrification process.

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Product Features:

  • Direct immersion measurement probe, no need for sampling or pre-processing
  • Sensor with automatic cleaning function, reducing maintenance requirements
  • High sensitivity
  • High stability, no moving parts, minimal faults
  • Low operating costs, minimal daily maintenance
  • Real-time data output, measurement cycle less than 1 second
  • No reagents, no pollution, a truly environmentally friendly product
  • Plug and play
  • Easy installation, no clogging
  • Sensor power polarity reversal protection
  • Sensor RS485 A/B terminal misconnection power protection

Technical Specifications:

Measurement method  Spectrophotometry
Light source  Xenon lamp
Wavelength  210nm (Ultraviolet light)
Optical path length  2mm
Measurement range  0.1 to 40mg/L
Accuracy  ±5%
Power supply  Sensor powered by 12V
Digital communication  Modbus/RS485
Sensor housing material  Stainless steel 316L or Titanium alloy (optional)
Sensor installation method  Immersion installation
Operating temperature  0 to 45°C
Operating pressure  0 to 0.4MPa
Sensor protection rating  IP68
Cable length  Standard 10 meters, customizable
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