RF Admittance Level switch

Model No: DRFK-98

APPLICATIONS: Metallurgical Power, Chemical and Petrochemical, Water and Waste water Treatment, Pulp and Paper, Food and Pharmaceutical, etc

PRINCIPLE: RF admittance technology

Products Categories


  1. Strong versatility
  2. Anti-adhesion circuit
  3. Probe high temperature resistance

Product Description

DRFK-98 series RF admittance level switch is a universal point control instrument. The instrument consists of an electronic unit, a set of explosion-proof housing and a rod or cable sensor. The in-phase driven auxiliary probe is added through the sensor to solve the problem of material adhesion. The product is stable and reliable in use, has good versatility, and requires no maintenance. It is not affected by factors such as material density, particle size, chemical composition, electrical conductivity, high temperature and high pressure, etc, and can be widely used in various working conditions such as liquid, solid, slurry and interface Process control of liquid level and material level.

Product Features

  • Strong versatility: It can be used in various occasions to detect a variety of process materials, such as: fly ash, particles, powder, liquid, slurry, conductive and non-conductive materials.
  • Anti-adhesion circuit: Adopting anti-adhesion electronic circuit can eliminate material adhesion and generate false signals.
  • With universal probe, steel rope probe and flat probe, PPS, Teflon and stainless steel structure, can be used in high temperature, high pressure environment, liquids, powders, large solid blocks and corrosive objects.
  • Probe high temperature resistance: The probe is suitable for the working environment of -40t: to 200t, and ceramic high temperature probe can also be used. The highest temperature resistance can reach 800 ℃.
  • Large contact capacity: Large-capacity relay contact output, LED lights indicate working status, 0-30 seconds delay.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter
Relay capacity DPDT, rated 10A, 115VA.C or 5A, 220VA.C
Material temperature -184 ~ 200 ℃ (High temperature ceramic probe can be used above 200 ℃)
Circuit temperature resistance -40 ° C to 80 ° C
Sensitivity 0.5pF ~ 800pF
Power failure protection High and low mode, field adjustable
Power 3W
Enclosure IP65, cast aluminum flameproof enclosure
Electrical interface 3/4 ”NPT
Probe material insulation PTFE / PFA / PPS / high temperature ceramic, metal layer 304/316 stainless steel


Connection thread 1 ”NPT (PTFE), 3/4” NPT (PPS), flange (DN20) connection or user specified


Explosion-proof grade d II BT4
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