PH ORP Analyzer

Online Intelligent Industrial pH/ORP Analyzer

Model No: PHS-8

APPLICATIONS: Chemical industry, petroleum, rubber, paper, food, mining, smelting, steel, electric power, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, etc

PRINCIPLE: Glass electrode method

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  1. All intelligent
  2. Accurate measurement
  3. Easy to operate & maintain
  4. Stable performance
  5. Workable for complex applications

Product Description

PHS-8 series intelligent industrial pH/ORP analyzer can be matched with high resistance analog signals pH electrode, and workable in many applications.

pH ORP Analyzer 02 pH ORP Analyzer 05 pH ORP Analyzer 04

Transmitter Specification

PH Analyzer Transmitter Parameters
Measurement range pH    0~14

ORP  -1999~+1999mV

Instrument stability ±0.01pH (±0.1mV)
Measurement error ±0.05pH (±2mV)
Instrument resolution ±0.05pH (±2mV)
Analog output Optional 2-way 4-20mA,
Digital communication RS485 MODBUS protocol
Relay outputs Optional 2-way alarm relay and 1-way cleaning relay (250VAC, 10A)
Protection grade IP65
Dimension  (wall-mounted type) 234×185×118mm
Dimension (panel-mounted type) 96×96×119mm
Dimension (explosion-proof type) 160×126×168mm

Sensor Specification

PH Analyzer Sensor Parameters
Application Domestic sewage, aquaculture, surface water, common industrial processes
Operating temperature 0-60 ℃
Operating pressure 0-0.6Mpa
Installation 3/4 “NPT thread connection
Cable connection direct lead out
Temperature compensation PT1000 or PT100
Size 185mm
Maximum diameter 31mm
Shell material PP

pH ORP Analyzer 03

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