Online Total Phosphorus Analyzer (TP)

Model No: TP-2000

APPLICATIONS:Surface water monitoring, Environmental pollution source monitoring, Industrial process water monitoring, Municipal sewage monitoring, Wastewater treatment plant monitoring

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  • Advanced sequential injection platform with a significantly reduced number of components, featuring a simple structure for easy troubleshooting.
  • High-precision and stable injection pump with non-contact liquid quantitative design for high-range dilution with minimal water usage and short dilution time.
  • Laser-etched ten-way valve flow path with precise control of groove size and positioning, featuring sapphire valve cores with excellent corrosion and wear resistance for long-term stability.
  • Integrated quartz digestion/colorimetry unit that is not easily contaminated and has high absorbance resolution.
  • Imported cold light source with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours that requires no preheating.
  • Innovative process and algorithm that effectively eliminates turbidity interference for accurate and reliable monitoring results.
  • Liquid reagents that require no refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature for over 30 days.
  • Low quantitative lower limit suitable for measuring low concentrations of total phosphorus.
  • Power failure protection design that does not lose data and automatically restores the working status upon power restoration.
  • Low comprehensive maintenance costs for trace reagents and waste liquids.
  • Intelligent fault alarm and automatic reset to avoid instrument abnormal operation.
  • Automatic verification and judgment functions to meet new standard requirements.
  • Customizable development of special functions and services to ensure user-friendliness and personalization.

Technical parameters

Measurement range 0~2/10/20/50 mg/L,

the range can be customized according to customer requirements

Repeatability ≤2%
Indication error 0-2 range, ±10%
  2-10 range, 20%F.S for ±8%, 50%F.S for ±5%, 80%F.S for ±3%
  10-50 range, 50%F.S for ±3%
24-hour low concentration drift ≤0.02mg/L
24-hour high concentration drift ≤1%
Quantitative lower limit ≤0.15mg/L
Resolution 0.001mg/L
Maintenance cycle  one month
Measurement mode immediate measurement

hourly measurement

cycle measurement

external signal triggered measurement

Standard solution verification immediate verification

automatic verification

external signal triggered verification

Instrument calibration automatic calibration

manual calibration, calibration cycle and time can be set

Automatic cleaning cleaning cycle can be set
Data storage 3 years of data storage
Measurement cycle 45 minutes
Analog output 2 channels of 4-20mA output
Digital output 1 channel of RS232/RS485
Power requirements AC220±10%V, 50±10%Hz, 10A;

power consumption less than 100W

Operating temperature (5~40)℃
Environmental humidity ≤90%RH
Dimensions 700mm(H)x500mm(W)x 400(D)mm,

excluding the pre-treatment system cabinet

Weight less than 30kg, excluding the pre-treatment system cabinet.
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