Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

DR5000 Multi-parameter Water Quality / Dissolved Oxygen DO / pH / ORP / Conductivity / Turbidity Analyzer

Model No: DR-5000

APPLICATIONS: Aquaculture/Aquaponics, Water treatment, Environmental Monitoring

PRINCIPLE: DO: Fluorescence/ EC: Electromagnetic induction/ Turbidity:90°near-infrared light scattering beam testing, etc

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Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer Video


  1. 1 transmitter + 1-5 separate sensors, freely combined, easy installation & replacement.
  2. Full intelligent, smart control
  3. 7″ LCD touch screen display, convenient operation
  4.  Easy maintenance, no reagent consumption
  5. Power-off protection
  6. Wide range of applications

Product Description

DR-5000 multi-parameter water quality analyzer is a highly integrated wall-mounted instrument, which can test 5 different parameters at the same time.

The high integration, easy usability and competitive cost makes DR-5000 the perfect choice for multi-parameter monitoring in water treatment, aquaculture and other applications.


DR 5000 Technical Parameters
Temperature PH / ORP Sensor Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Conductivity Sensor Turbidity Sensor Residual Chlorine Sensor
Measuring principle platinum resistance Glass electrode method Fluorescence Electrode method 90 degrees of scattering method Electrode method
Measuring Range -10 ~ 150 ℃  0 ~ 14 pH 0 ~20.00 mg/L, 0~200~2,000~20000µS/cm 0 ~ 100/500/3000NTU 0~20mg/L
-2000 ~ + 2000mv -5 ~60℃ 0~2~20~200~2000mS/cm
Response Time <50 seconds <60 seconds <60 seconds <1min
Accuracy ± 0.2 ℃ 0.01pH/0.5mV 0.1 mg/L ±0.01 % 2% 2%F.S
Installation Type Immersion Type Immersion Type Immersion Type Immersion Flow type Immersion type flow type
Piping Type

Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer 02

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Company Profile

Shandong Dongrun Instrument Science and Technology Co., Ltd. established on March 3, 1998, we specializes in the R&D,production, sales, and service of water quality analyzers, level instruments, IOT software, and system integration.
We provide online monitoring solutions for surface water,drinking water,pollution sources,marine,aquaculture,
petrochemical,water treatment,and other industries. Our products and services are sold throughout China and exported to more than 200 countries,including the UK, USA, and Russia.
Main Business:
1. Water environment testing analyzers
2. Level gauges
3. IOT software platform
4. System integration and service

Welcome to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success!
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Quality First, Customers Uppermost

We have a team of highly trained staff for sales and service who are committed to offer satisfactory products and prompt service to all domestic and abroad customers. We also have good relationship with some domestic famous institutes to help our customers to issue the third party products inspection. Quality and Service are always the top concern.
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