Magnetostrictive level Gauge

Model No: DRCM-99

APPLICATIONS: Hydrological measurements, water treatment and other environmental and industrial measurement process

PRINCIPLE: Magnetostrictive effect

Products Categories


  1. Top-mounted, easy installation
  2. High accuracy, no signal drift
  3. Stable and reliable to use
  4. Explosion-proof
  5. Solid rod and flexible cable types for choice

Product Description

Series DRCM-99 Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Gauge adopts magnetostrictive principle and belongs to a new generation of measuring instruments. The output is a absolute value, does not require periodic re-calibration and maintenance. Series DRCM-99 provide customers with current, voltage, ModBus, Profibus and other signal output and provide effective solutions in different applications. It can be widely used to measure and control liquid level of various tanks in petroleum, chemical, water, pharmaceutical, beverage, food and other industries. It also can be applied in measurement and monitoring of hydrological measurements, water treatment and other environmental and industrial measurement process.

Product Configuration

Here are the main components.

  • Electronic cabin with a detection circuit unit inside
  • Probe rod (hard pipe / flexible pipe) with the magnetostrictive sensor and temperature measurement element.
  • Fitting seat with the standard 1 ” NPT thread or the one user specified.
  • Stop collar: preventing float from falling off or sliding into the dead zone.
  • Heavy hammer at the bottom (magnetic heavy hammer / fixed hammer): its function is to straighten flexible pipe, and keep the liquid level meter stable.
  • Float (single or double): its location reflects positions of the liquid level or interface.
Magnetostrictive level Gauge 02 Magnetostrictive level Gauge 03

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter
Measurement output Standard type:2-wire4-20mA(HART protocol can be selected.)
Digital type:ModBus/RTU
Liquid level measurement Liquid level, interface, liquid level+ interface
Measurement range 0.30m to20m
Accuracy The maximum between 0. 1 %F. S. and ±1mm
Temperature output Up to 5 single points temperature
Temperature range -50 ~ +100 °C(special design can reach 200 °C)
Temperature accuracy ± 0. 25 °C
Power Supply 15-30VDC
Output signal 4-20mA  or ModBus/RTU
Explosion-proof ExiaIICT6
Ambient humidity 0-100% R.H.(not frost)
Working temperature Electronic unit:-40 ~ +80 °C; wave guide:-40 ~ +125 °C
Operating pressure Rely on the pressure the float can withstand
Electronic Cabin Cast aluminum/304 stainless steel
Probe material 304/316L /304+PTFE or FEP
Process connection Thread or flange connection
Electrical interface M20*1.5 or 1/2″ NPT thread

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