Magnetic level Transmitter

Magnetic Foat Level Transmitter

Model No: UQK-99Q

APPLICATIONS: industrial and mining enterprises, drainage projects, etc

PRINCIPLE: Buoyancy and magnetic coupling effect

Products Categories


  • Stable and reliable performance
  • No need adjustment

Product Description

The UHZ 99Q series magnetic float level transmitter is the one which converts the displacement of the magnetic float level change into the analog linear 4-20mA standard signal output, the transmitter power supply is 24VOC, and the two-wire system works. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable work, and no adjustment is required. It is suitable for on-line measurement and control (with adjustment system) of industrial and mining enterprises and various drainage projects.

Technical Parameter

Length <6000mm. If it is over 6m, it should be mounted onsite.The measurement pipe is supplied in segments.
Accuracy ±1.5%(H>1000mm)+2.5%(500mm<H≤1000mm)
Power supply 24VDC
Output two-wire 4~20mA
Power Consumption ≤720mW
Protection Grade IP65
Operating Temperature -20~100℃ (lt can be up to 150 ℃ in particular.)
Operating Pressure 0~lMpa (particular design when it is over 1 MPa).
Medium gravity≥0.5g/cm3 viscosity ≤1.25St
Explosion-proof Intrinsically safely ExialICT6
Float Standard76; specialv48,D120,D144 or chosen bythe user. The height of the float : b48 is 55mm, v76 is80mm,120 is 125mm.144 is 150mm

Basic Structure and Contour

Magnetic level Transmitter 02

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