Magnetic Level Gauge

APPLICATIONS: Electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, architecture and food
PRINCIPLE: Buoyancy and magnetic coupling effect

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  1. Safe and reliable to use
  2. Wide measuring range, display clearly
  3. Easy installation, no need of power supply
  4. Corrosion-proof, explosion-proof

Product Description

UHZ-99A side-mounted magnetic level gauge can be used to measure level of various vessels in the shape of tower, kettle, groove and ball as well as boiler furnace. It can be used in complex conditions, such as high-sealing, leak prevention, high pressure, high temperature and corrosion. In the measurement process, no measurement blind area. It strikingly displays the level and has a wide measurement range.

Compared with traditional glass plate level gauge, it is safer, more reliable, more advanced and more practical. The most obvious characteristic is the complete isolation of liquid medium and indicator so it can be used safely, reliably and durably in any case. Series UHZ-99 level meter equipping with liquid level alarm, control switch can control and alarm the highest and lowest level.

Product Features

  1. Polyester and high temperature ceramic shell can resist high temperature.
  2. Wide measurement range, unconstrained by vessel height.
  3. Complete isolation of medium and indicator, safe and reliable
  4. Simple structure, easy installation, low maintenance cost
  5. Anti-corrosion, no power supply and good explosion-proof performance
  6. Easy flanged connection
  7. High temperature resistence

Technical Parameter

Measurement range 300-15000mm
Accuracy ±10mm
Column diameter 9mm
Operating pressure ≤10.0Mpa (>10.0Mpa customized);
anti-corrosion type≤1.0Mpa
Medium density ≥0.45g/cm3
Medium density difference ≥0.15g/cm3
Medium temperature -20~+400℃
Medium viscosity ≤0.4Pa·S
Equipment vibration frequency≤25Hz, amplitude≤0.5mm
Follow speed ≤0.08m/s
Connection flange DN20, PN0.6

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