Online Turbidity/Suspended Solids (Sludge Concentration) Sensor

Immersible Online Turbidity/Suspended Solids (Sludge Concentration) Sensor



  • Sewage treatment plants: Inlet and outlet water, aeration tank, return sludge, primary settling tank, secondary settling tank, concentration tank, sludge dewatering, etc.
  • Others: Industrial production processes, circulating cooling water, and other water quality monitoring.
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Product Features

  • Measures both turbidity and suspended solids (sludge) concentration.
  • Dual-beam infrared scattering detection technology.
  • Utilizes optically bandpass filtering and modulated excitation light to effectively eliminate the influence of ambient light and water color on measurement data.
  • Built-in light source compensation measurement circuit effectively compensates for the intensity attenuation of the light source.
  • Sensor with built-in wiper cleaning function to prevent contamination of the optical window.
  • Uses scratch-resistant toughened glass to minimize optical path variations caused by window scratches.
  • Automatic range conversion to adapt to a wide range of measurement ranges.

Technical Specifications:

Measurement Range Turbidity  0.01-4000 NTU (automatically switchable range)
Suspended solids  0.01-50,000 mg/L (automatically switchable range)
Accuracy Turbidity  < 2% of the measured value or 0.1 NTU (whichever is greater)
Suspended solids  < 5% of the measured value (depends on sludge homogeneity) or 10 mg/L (whichever is greater)
Repeatability Turbidity  < 2%
Suspended solids  < 3%
Response Time  1 second (adjustable)
Sample Flow Velocity  Maximum 3 m/s
Operating Temperature  0°C to 40°C
Sample Temperature  0°C to 40°C
Sample Pressure  Maximum 6 bar for 316L (titanium) material, maximum 1 bar for POM material
Cleaning System  Bottom rubber wiper brush cleaning
Signal Output  Modbus RS485 communication protocol
Operating Voltage  12-24VDC, 0.6W
Protection Level  IP68
Dimensions  Diameter 60mm, length 260mm (with hanging brush); diameter 28mm, length 180mm (without hanging brush)
Cable Length Standard 10 meters (customizable)

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