Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Dissolved Oxygen DO Analyzer / Meter / Sensor / Probe

Model No:FDO-99

APPLICATIONS:Water treatment, Aquaculture/Aquaponics, Environmental Monitoring

PRINCIPLE:Optical fluorescence quenching

Products Categories


  1.  Digital sensor, fluorescence method
  2. Basically maintenance-free,no need to calibrate
  3. No need to replace solid electrode or electrolyte
  4. Accurate Measurement
  5. Stable Performance, no drift

Product Description

FDO-99 fluorescence dissolved oxygen analyzer, adopts the fluorescence quenching principle and accurate phase detection technology and innovative packaging process, which makes its reliability and service life leading the rival product greatly. Its unique characteristics of long-term low drift and maintenance-free make the product surpass and take the place of traditional electrochemical electrode completely.

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer 03 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer 04

Sensor Specification

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor Specification

Measurement Range DO: 0 ~20 mg / l, Air saturation: 0-120%
Resolution 0.01mg / l
Measurement Accuracy ± 1% F.S
Response Time < 60 seconds(T90)
Operating Temperature -10 ~55 ℃
Operating Pressure 0.5 Mpa
Protection Grade IP68
Anti-interference not interfered with the following materials : H2S, pH, CO2, NH3, SO4, Cl-,CL2, etc
Measure Foil Life 3 years
Sensor Shell Material 316L
Installation 3/4 “NPT thread installation
Size Φ41 × 140mm
Weight 1300g
Power supply DC9V
Output RS485 standard MODBUS protocol
Sensor cable standard 10 meters (can be customized)

Transmitter Specification

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor Specification

Dimensions 234/185/118mm, L/ W/ H
Weight 1.5 kg (standard)
Operating temperature -10 ~55 ℃
Humidity 5% – 90% (No condensation)
Protection grade IP65
Power supply Standard: 220VAC 50HZ 20W;

Optional:  24VDC±10%, 20W

Analog output Optional 2-way 4-20mA,
Digital communication RS485 MODBUS protocol
Relay outputs Optional 2-way alarm relay and 1-way cleaning relay (250VAC, 10A)

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer 02

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