Digital PH(OPR) Sensor

Model No: PHDS-01/ORPS-01

APPLICATIONS:Surface water testing, river and lake water, black and odorous water bodies, freshwater aquaculture

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– RS485 digital output, supports MODBUS protocol
– Strong anti-interference capability
– High accuracy
– Strong stability and anti-pollution capability
– Long distance transmission

Product Description

The digital pH/ORP sensor adopts an industrial online sensor with a built-in temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation, suitable for long-term online monitoring environments.


pH sensorge
Range 0-14pH
Accuracy ±0.1pH
Resolution 0.01PH
Response Time 10 sec
Protection level IP68
Temperature range 0 ~ 50
Output RS-485, MODBUS
Power supply DC12V, 1W
Temperature sensor Pt1000
Housing material UPVC, 316L
Probe cable length 5 m (default), customizable
Digital ORP Sensor
Operating Temperature 0-50 ℃
Operating Pressure Underwater 10 meters
Protection Level: IP68
Installation 3/4” NPT thread connection
Cable Connection 5m/10m straight (customizable)
Dimensions φ29×230 mm
Power Supply DC12~24V, 0.5W


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