Digital pH&EC Sensor

PRODUCT NAME: Digital pH-conductivity Sensor/Digital pH&EC sensor


APPLICATIONS: Surface water detection, river and lake water, black and smelly water, freshwater aquaculture

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  1. RS485 digital output, MODBUS protocol is supported
  2. Strong anti-interference ability
  3. High precision
  4. Strong stability & anti-pollution ability
  5. Long transmission distance

Product Description

Digital pH-conductivity sensor is using industrial online sensor with built-in temperature sensor, can make automatic temperature compensation, which is suitable for online long-term monitoring environment.


PH Conductivity
Measurement range 0~14PH 0~ 20000US /cm
Response time 10 sec 10 sec
Measurement error ±0.1pH 2%FS
Signal output RS485(MODBUS)
Temperature sensor PT1000
Storage temperature 0 ~ 55℃
Medium temperature 0 ~ 50℃
Power supply 12-24VDC
Power consumption 2w
Sensor size Φ 41 x 280 mm
Cable length 5m (default), customizable
Shell material UPVC, 316L
Protection grade IP68, water depth no more than 10 meters

Digital pH-conductivity Sensor 02

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