Digital Conductivity Sensor

Model No: DDJ-201S

APPLICATIONS: Surface water detection, river and lake water, black and smelly water, freshwater aquaculture

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  1. RS485 digital output, MODBUS protocol is supported
  2. Strong anti-interference ability
  3. High precision
  4. Strong stability & anti-pollution ability
  5. Long transmission distance

Product Description

Digital conductivity sensor is using standard digital signal output, which can be integrated and networked with other devices without transmitter.


Digital Conductivity Sensor
Measurement range 1uS/cm~10000 US /cm
Response time 20 Sec
Measurement error ±1%FS
Signal Output RS485(MODBUS)
Electrode material graphite
Other liquid materials 316L (titanium optional), Pvc, FKM
Working environment temperature -10 ~ 55℃
Temperature sensor PT1000
Pressure range 6bar
Medium temperature 0 ~ 55℃

Digital Conductivity Sensor 02

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