Online Residual Chlorine Analyzer

Online Chlorine Analyzer

Model No: DRCL-99

APPLICATIONS: It can be used for chlorine content detection, chlorine addition control, monitoring, and discharge monitoring in various occasions, such as drinking water, tap water, circulating water, swimming pools, hospital wastewater, and so on.

PRINCIPLE: Coated polarography

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  1. No reagents need to be replaced, no waste emissions, no affected by the sample color
  2. Accurate and stable measurement
  3. Integrated structure, easy to install
  4. Easy to operate & maintain
  5. Real-time process control

Product Description

The DRCL-99 online analyzer is composed of four parts: sensor, transmitter, galvanostat and flow cell. It is highly intelligent and flexible, and can measure residual chlorine, pH and temperature at the same time.

Technical Specification

Measurement Range 0-2mg/L, 0 -5mg/L, 0-20mg/L
Measurement Error ±2%F.S
Instrument Resolution 0.01mg/L
Display Mode four digits for the numerical value, with two decimal places.
Single-channel Analog Signal Output 4-20mA.DC
Digital Signal Output RS485 interface with standard MODBUS protocol.
Measurement Conditions Medium Temperature 0 ~ 55℃
Medium Pressure <0.6 MPa under normal use
Flow Rate 250 ~ 500 mL/min
Ambient Temperature -20 ~ 55℃
Power Supply 85-265V AC or 12-36V.DC
Recording/Querying Function Recording/Querying historical events,
Recording/Querying historical values.
Screen Brightness  equipped with brightness adjustment function.
Language Selection  Simplified Chinese and English are available.


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