Dongrun Instruments participates in the 2024 China Environmental Expo, showcasing integrated digital measurement solutions

Dongrun Instruments participates in the 2024 China Environmental Expo, showcasing integrated digital measurement solutions

On April 18, 2024, the 25th China Environmental Expo (IEexp), organized by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES), was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Dongrun Instruments, as a provider of digital measurement products and services, showcases its water quality sensors, water quality analyzers, liquid level instruments, and other products, along with solutions for intelligent water control systems, attracting widespread attention at the exhibition.


The IEexp is one of the largest, most international, and most important environmental exhibitions in the world. This year’s edition, themed ‘Innovative Transformation and Integration for a Beautiful China,’ focuses on comprehensive environmental solutions, water and wastewater, water supply and drainage systems, monitoring, process control, and instrumentation. It aims to convey forward-looking trends, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative thinking to the industry, promoting high-quality development in China’s ecological and environmental protection sector.

At the bustling exhibition site, Hall E4, themed ‘Monitoring and Testing, Process Control and Instrumentation, Intelligent Environmental Protection,’ is particularly lively. Dongrun Instruments, along with other well-known domestic and international instrument companies, are prominently featured here.

Many new and old friends gathered in front of Dongrun Instruments’ Booth F21, pausing to observe the water quality sensors, water quality analyzers, and liquid level instruments on display. Visitors engaged in in-depth discussions with Dongrun’s technical experts about the application of these products in various scenarios.

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【Dongrun Digital Water Quality Sensors】 As a digital measurement product company, Dongrun Instruments offers a diverse range of water quality digital sensors, including pH/ORP sensors, conductivity, ammonium/nitrate nitrogen, residual chlorine and other electrochemical water quality sensors, as well as turbidity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and full-spectrum photometric water quality sensors. Dongrun Instruments’ water quality digital sensor products are fully capable of meeting the water quality monitoring needs of wastewater treatment plants, underground drainage networks, aquaculture, tap water industries, and industrial fields. In industries such as petroleum and chemical, Dongrun Instruments has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the design and use of water quality instruments and can provide customers with explosion-proof transmitters, multi-parameter transmitters, and low-power data loggers to meet the needs for on-site operation, maintenance, and remote data collection; Dongrun Instruments has provided more than 20,000 sets of protective flow-through cells to import instrument merchants and end-users, earning high praise from customers. For complex water quality conditions, Dongrun can offer various cooling, pressure reduction, and automatic cleaning solutions to significantly extend the life of the instruments and reduce maintenance costs.

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【Dongrun Water Quality Online Analyzers】 Dongrun Instruments’ online water quality analyzers are independently researched, developed, produced, and manufactured, with measurement principles fully compliant with national standard testing methods. The main products include online analyzers for chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, and total organic carbon, which feature five major advantages: a patented micro-upgrade sampling system that is maintenance-free throughout its entire lifecycle; standard low, medium, and high range segments that can be independently programmed and automatically switched for convenient operation; a self-developed colorimetric digestion module with physical reference measurement and compensation functions, extending the light source life by 50%; an enclosed design with a high protection rating; and temperature, color, and turbidity compensation functions for strong adaptability in complex environments. All of Dongrun Instruments’ online analyzers have obtained the China Environmental Protection Product Certification and test reports from the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The instruments are designed to be compact and support various installation methods such as floor-standing, wall-mounted, tabletop, and rail-type, and are widely used in industries such as sewage, surface water, and aquaculture effluent. Additionally, Dongrun has independently developed the TOC-5000 online total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer, a method internationally recognized as the most sensitive, fastest, and most environmentally friendly effective method for measuring total organic pollutants. Notably, the TOC-5000 comes with an in-built carrier gas generator, eliminating the need for external gas cylinders, thus lowering overall costs and enhancing safety and convenience.

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【Level Measurement】 Dongrun has been deeply engaged in the research, production, and manufacturing of level measurement instruments for 26 years, offering over 20 series of products including magnetic float level gauges, magnetostrictive level gauges, and radar level meters, along with a wealth of on-site application experience to meet the measurement needs for various complex conditions. The magnetic float level gauge series includes over 1,000 mature configuration types capable of handling high-temperature, high-pressure, ultra-low temperature, and highly corrosive conditions, with high temperatures exceeding 520°C and low temperatures below -160°C. The radar, magnetostrictive, and ultrasonic level meter series are all compatible with the HART protocol, feature remote configuration capabilities, and have obtained explosion-proof certification, making them widely used in industries such as oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, and food. Additionally, Dongrun Instruments can design and provide customized level measurement solutions tailored to the specific equipment and process requirements of the site.

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Additionally, Dongrun can also custom-design various micro and integrated water stations, buoys, and floating boat-style automatic water quality monitoring stations, as well as smart control solutions for surface water, drinking water, and wastewater treatment fields.

Always considering environmental protection and sustainable development as its utmost priority, Dongrun Instruments has provided professional support for wastewater treatment and monitoring to hundreds of enterprises, including Beijing Capital Group and Gezhouba Water Group. Additionally, Dongrun has offered comprehensive wastewater and water supply and drainage monitoring services to the water bureaus, housing and urban-rural development bureaus, and environmental protection bureaus of cities and counties such as Yantai, Longkou, and Chiping. Effective and timely water quality monitoring not only prevents further environmental pollution but also saves a significant amount of resources and costs. Dongrun Instruments will continue to practice the concept of green development, supporting the sustainable advancement of the industry and serving as the vigilant eyes monitoring water quality on our planet.

Shandong Dongrun Instrument Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998 and located in the coastal city of Yantai, China, primarily engages in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of water quality monitoring sensors, online analytical instruments, and level measurement instruments. The company also specializes in the application development of computer IoT software and the design, integration, and service of system engineering. Its products are sold to over 70 countries worldwide and have been successfully applied in industries such as oil and petrochemicals, coal chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water services, water conservancy, marine, and aquaculture.

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Dongrun Instruments participates in the 2024 China Environmental Expo, showcasing integrated digital measurement solutions On April 18, 2024, the 25th China Environmental Expo (IEexp), organized

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