In Jan 2019, Dongrun Sci-tech Group was established. 

In Jan 2019, Dongrun brand FDO-99 online fluorescence dissolved oxygen analyzer won the honorary title of “famous brand product of Shandong province”.

In Jan 2018, Donrun successfully obtained Huawei technology certificate of OceanConnect IOT Platform opening capability based on IOT field "Donrun intelligent aquatic Platform V1.0.0" awarded by Huawei Cloud Open Labs.
In May 2018, the 8000㎡-new office and R&D building were put into use.
In Otc 2018, Dongrun ocean monitoring buoy was successfully launched in National Marine park, Laishan district, Yantai city, Shandong province. 
In Oct 2018, the joint meeting of secretary general of Marine limnology society of China was successfully held in our company.

In Nov 2016, Dongrun established the agricultural Internet of things and big data research center with Yantai Research Institute of China Agricultural University.

In 2014, Dongrun started international trade export business, and our products have been exported to more than 40 countries including UK、USA、Russia etc.

In 2013, Dongrun won the honorary titles of national "High-tech Enterprises" and MIIT "Double Soft Certification Enterprise’’.

In 2006, 15000㎡ of land was purchased by Dongrun in Laishan economic development zone to build a new plant and put into production.


In 2003, Dongrun started to provide users with systematic solutions.


In 2002, Dongrun started to develop and produce water quality analyzers.

On March 3, 1998, Shandong Dongrun Instrument Sci-Tech Co., LTD. was established.