Ultrasonic Level Meter
  • Product name: Ultrasonic Level Meter
  • Model No: LUSS-99
  • APPLICATIONS: Water and sewage treatment, electricity, mining, food industry etc
  • PRINCIPLE: Transmit-reflect-receive measurement principle
Ultrasonic level Meter


 Non-contact measurement
 Strong anti-interference
 Stable performance
 High reliability

【Product Description】
LUSS-99 series ultrasonic liquid level meter is an intelligent non-contact liquid level measuring instrument. The instrument uses imported industrial-grade single-chip microcomputers. It has perfect datatransmission and man-machine communication functions, digital temperature compensation, strong anti-interference, and arbitrary settings. Alarm function and a variety of output signal types, easy to interface with related facilities. It can meet the liquid level measurement requirements of various working conditions without touching the industrial medium.

【Product Features】          

●Adopting high speed digital signal processing technology, intelligent recognition and analysis ,suitable for bad environment
●Advanced signal environment display (oscilloscope technology), easy for debugging and installation
●High-speed and reliable microcomputer processing, fast and stable
●Non-contact measurement, multiple data filtering technology, stable and reliable measurement
●High accuracy D/A output, improve the precision of 4-20 ma output
●Equip with 485 interface,can contact with computer and other data collector

【Technical Parameter】
LUSS-992 / 997 One Piece Type Ultrasonic Level Meter

Technical Parameter

Meter range

0 to 3m, 0 to 5m, 0 to 8m, 0 to 10m, 0 to 15m

Measurement dead zone

Low range <0.3m high range <0.5m

Emission angle

12 °



Instrument accuracy

± 0.3% x range

Temp compensation

Automatic temperature compensation

Working frequency

20 KHz ~ 43.0KHz

On-site setting

Completed by the level / level meter button

Analog output

4 ~ 20mA load> 3000

Digital output (optional)

RS485 (Modbus)

Switch output (optional)

Relay output

Working power

12 ~ 24V.DC (2-wire / 4-wire system)220V.AC(4-wire system)

Shell material

ABS engineering plastic shell or cast aluminum shell

Probe material



Thread or thread ring fixing, flange

LUSS-993 / 994 split ultrasonic level meter

Technical Parameter

Meter range

0~3 m ~5 m to~10 m to~15 m to~20 m (optional when ordering)

Dead zone


Emission angle

12 °


± 0.3% x range

Minimum display resolution


Temperature compensation

automatic temperature compensation

Working frequency

20 KHz ~ 200KHZ (different due to model specifications)

On-site setting

Completed by local keys


Factory calibration, can be calibrated on site


3 ”LCD

Output signal

4 ~ 20mA; relay; RS485 (optional)

Working voltage

AC220V or DC24V

Power consumption


Host dimensions

213 x 185 x 112mm

Shell material

ABS engineering plastic; Probe: PP, PTFE

Probe connection method

Screw connection or screw ring fixing, flange


Five-digit patch keys

Sensor cable

Shielded cable 10m (any length can be customized)


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