Magnetic level Transmitter
  • Product name: Magnetic level Transmitter
  • Model No: UQK-99Q
  • APPLICATIONS: industrial and mining enterprises, drainage projects, etc
  • PRINCIPLE: Buoyancy and magnetic coupling effect

Magnetic Foat Level Transmitter

 Stable and reliable performance
 No need adjustment
【Product Description】
The UHZ 99Q series magnetic float level transmitter is the one which converts the displacement of the magnetic float level change into the analog linear 4-20mA standard signal output, the transmitter power supply is 24VOC, and the two-wire system works. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable work, and no adjustment is required. It is suitable for on-line measurement and control (with adjustment system) of industrial and mining enterprises and various drainage projects.
【Technical Parameter】

【Basic Structure and Contour】


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