Float Level Switch
  • Product name: Float Level Switch
  • Model No: UQK
  • APPLICATIONS: Petrochemical,electricity, mining etc
  • PRINCIPLE: Magnet steel homogeneous repulsion principle

Float Level Switch
Simple structure, easy installation
 Stable performance, easy maintenance
 Wide range of applications

【Product Description】
UQK series side mounted floating ball liquid level switch is suitable for liquid level control of various open or pressured vessels in industrial production process. When the liquid level rises to the high limit or drops to the low limit, the switch operates and sends out a control alarm signal to control the opening and closing of the pump and valve. The newly designed UQK series has a self-checking liquid level switch, which can monitor the switch status while the device is running to ensure the normal operation of the switch and the safe operation of the system.

【Technical Parameter】

【Structure and Outline Drawing】


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