Radar Level Meter
  • Product name: Radar Level Meter
  • Model No: DRUL-99H, DRUL-97
  • APPLICATIONS: Electric power, steel, metallurgy, cement, petrochemical, papermaking, food etc
  • PRINCIPLE: Transmit-reflect-receive measurement principle

Radar level Meter
Accurate measurement
Stable performance
 High reliability
 Easy maintenance
 Wide application range

Pulse Radar Level meter
DRUL-99H Series level meters are level meters that use 26G high-frequency microwave pulses to measure. They are installed in various metal and non-metallic containers and perform non-contact continuous measurement of liquid, slurry and particulate materials. The instrument antenna is further optimized and processed, and a new type of high-speed microprocessor enables it to perform higher-speed signal analysis and processing, which can be applied to a variety of complex measurement conditions.

【Product Features】
• Non-contact measurement, not affected by changes in specific gravity and dielectric constant of the medium.
• 26GHz emission frequency, shorter wavelength, more suitable for measurement of inclined granular material surface and low dielectric constant medium;
• Advanced echo processing technology, used in various complicated working conditions, can correctly identify false echoes and real echoes;
• Beam angle is small, energy is concentrated, echo capability is strong, interference capability, accuracy and reliability are greatly improved;
• Small antenna size, small measurement blind area, easy to install and maintain, small tank measurement effect is good;
• Pulse working mode, extremely low transmitting power, no harm to human body and environment;
• Measuring range up to 70 meters, can be used for large-scale hydrological water level monitoring
• Various process connection methods and antenna types make the level meter suitable for various complicated working conditions and applications;

【Technical Parameter】

Technical Parameter

Measuring range

2-30 meters

Process connection

thread, flange, universal flange

Medium temperature

-40-250 ℃

Process pressure


Measurement accuracy

±5mm, ± 15mm (depending on range and media conditions)

Frequency range


Explosion-proof grade


Protection level

IP65 / 66

Guided Wave Radar Level meter
Guided wave radar level meter is a measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel. The probe emits high-frequency pulses and conducts them along cable or rod probes. When the pulse encounters the surface of the material, it is reflected back and received by the receiver in the instrument, and the distance signal is converted into Level signal.
【Product Features】
● Strong versatility: it can measure liquid level and material level, can meet the measurement requirements of different temperatures, pressures and media, and can be used in harsh places such as corrosion and impact.
● Anti-hanging material: The unique circuit design and sensor structure make it possible to measure without being affected by the hanging material of the sensor.
Clean to avoid false measurements.
● Maintenance-free: There are no moving parts in the measurement process, no mechanical parts are damaged, and no maintenance is required.
● Anti-interference: contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, can overcome the influence of steam, foam and stirring on the measurement.
● Accurate and reliable: The measurement is diversified, making the measurement more accurate, the measurement is not affected by environmental changes, the stability is high, and the service life is long.

【Technical Parameter】

Technical Parameter

Measuring range

Cable: 30m / rod: 6m


± 10mm

Process connection

G11 / 2A, flange, fluorine-lined flange (anti-corrosion type)

Detection component material

Stainless steel 304, 316L, 304 fluorine lined

Process temperature

(-40 150) ℃

Process pressure

(-0.1 4) MPa

Signal output

 (4 20) mA / HART

Power supply

Two-wire system (DC24V)



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